Curtain with Chinese Pattern


Add elegance to your home with the Chinese Pattern Curtain

Bring a touch of exoticism to your interior with this Curtain with Chinese Pattern. Made of polyester, this blackout curtain is perfect for protecting yourself from too intense sun rays and keeping a room cool during hot summer days. Designed with careful finishes, it is available in two trendy colors: gray and blue and you can choose the hook on the rod that you prefer. Its 70% blackout and 60% thermal insulation will allow you to regulate the temperature of your bedroom or living room optimally. By opting for the Curtain with Chinese Pattern, you are entering the era of Chic and Refinement.

  • Category: Blackout Curtain
  • Choice of attachment on the Rod
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Gray, Blue
  • Blackout 70% (unlined) Thermal Insulating 60% (unlined)
  • Weight: 700g/m2

Curtain with Chinese Pattern

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    Curtain Lining (Insulating and Blackout)Curtain Lining (Insulating and Blackout)
    Curtain Lining (Insulating and Blackout)
    -Efficace l'été comme l'hiver
    Doublure Cousue à l'arrière du Rideau pour augmenter la résistance au froid à la perte de chaleur ou à la lumière.
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