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Curtain rod

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  • Tringle a Rideau Double (100-200cm)

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  • Tringle a Rideau  Industriel (65-190cm)


  • Tringle a Rideau Doré (65-190cm)


  • Tringle a Rideau Noir (65-190cm)


  • Tringle a Rideau Boule (65-190cm)

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  • Tringle Extensible Grande Longueur (70cm-410cm)


  • Tringle Extensible Autobloquante (30-110cm)


  • Tringle à Rideau Extensible sans Percage (30-90cm)

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  • Tringle sans Perçage (30-90cm)


Curtain Rods are essential and there are several Types

Have you ever seen a house without curtains? If so, chances are the house is not occupied. Curtains are more than just a decorative element; they protect from outside elements and give you well-deserved privacy. Given the importance of curtains for your comfort and privacy, the curtain rods that support them must be reliable and durable structures.

When choosing a curtain rod for your home, there are a few factors to consider and a few questions to ask. Which room is it intended for? What will it be used for? Are you installing curtains for practical reasons or will they be purely decorative? What is the style and material of the curtains? The answers to these questions will help you determine which type of curtain rod is best for your space and needs.

What type of curtain rod and how to install it?

  • The Decorative Curtain Rod
  • Ideal for: all the windows in your home as well as French windows.

    A decorative single curtain rod is available in countless styles, sizes and finishes, and is a great way to add an extra decorative touch to your windows. This type of rod is often extendable to accommodate different window sizes and common materials include wood, brass, iron or brushed nickel, to name a few. What makes it unique are the finials on each end of the rod, which come in many shapes and sizes, from sleek, minimalist finials to more ornate, vintage-style finials and children's finials. They are removable and simply screw onto the ends of the rod. Their practical purpose is to help hold curtain panels in place, but they also work to dress up windows and add a beautiful accent.

    They generally require drilling to be fixed to the wall.

    • Curtain Rod without Drilling

    Ideal for: small windows like the kitchen, for hanging cafe curtains and other lightweight curtains.

    A tension rod, sometimes also called a cafe curtain rod, differs from other standard curtain rods because it is not a permanent fixture that must be screwed into a wall, ceiling or window. Similar to a shower curtain rod that you use in a bathroom, this type of rod is adjustable in length and stays in place by fitting tightly between two walls, or in this case, on either side of the shower curtain frame. window. A tension rod is best suited for lightweight curtains used on small windows, such as classic cafe curtains on a kitchen window. Because the rods aren't screwed into the wall, they're easy to install and remove, and they're also less expensive than other, more permanent options.

    • Double Curtain Rod

    Best for: Large windows or double windows

    A double curtain rod is similar in style to a traditional decorative rod, except that it consists of two rods to allow you to layer a Curtain and a Sheer. The main advantage of a double rod is that you can use both Sheers and Blackout Curtains , which is particularly useful on sunny days and during the winter months. The visual benefit of this type of rod is that it creates additional depth and a more dramatic effect, especially if bold or contrasting colors and patterns are used.

    • Curtain Track

    Works well with lightweight curtains, but can also be used with medium weight and heavier curtains, although you may need brackets with shorter distances between them for safe installation.

    A track attached to the ceiling allows you to hang your curtains from the ceiling to the floor. To give any room a truly luxurious hotel feel, you can install two curtain rails in parallel, spaced approximately 10cm apart. You can then hang lighter, slightly translucent curtains from the rail installed closest to the window. During the day, you can use the lighter curtain to create shade and privacy while still allowing sunlight into the room. On the second rail, furthest from the window, you then hang fully blackout curtains to be drawn when you want total darkness in the room.


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