Purchase guide

Number of Curtains:
double curtain and single curtain
1Grand Curtain: A Large Curtain covering the window
    1Pair (add 2 to cart): Double curtains opening in the middle
      Great Favorite, easy to install, the Eyelets allow the Curtain to have beautiful waves while unfolding easily!
      Compatible with Rods
      Pencil Fold:
      The Pencil Pleat design allows you to obtain a pretty and natural effect, it goes perfectly with a modern decoration.
      Compatible with Rails and the Rods
      Rod Pass:
      The Rod Pocket Attachment is a Sewn Pocket , it is perfect for a vintage and cozy effect.
      Compatible with Rods
      Upper Hook:
      These pretty, spaced pleats will give an elegant effect to your curtains.
      Compatible with Rails and Rods

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