What Curtains for a Modern Bedroom?

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Enjoy a restful sleep using Curtains for your Bedroom

Bedrooms are places where we relax, unwind and recover from the stresses of modern life. As a result, we need our bedrooms to be optimized for this purpose and since comfort is the basis of any great bedroom, we need to consider curtain ideas as a priority. Curtains are well known for adding a soft and comfortable finish to the style of a room, providing the perfect balance between style and enhanced functionality. Let's take a closer look at bedroom curtain ideas that will help you relax in more style than ever before!

Elegant curtains for bedroom ideas

Curtains offer a range of functional benefits, but their aesthetic features should not be underestimated. With so many options, curtains will provide a sophisticated touch of style for any space in the home. Let's start with the basics.

Colors and patterns

Curtains are incredible vehicles for color, pattern, and those micro details like the shimmer of velvet. There's a stunning range of colors available, from rich deep reds for a tradition-inspired bedroom, to chic tiles at the forefront of Cottagecore fashions! The flexibility offered by selecting a bespoke curtain from Blinds Direct means you can find the exact color for your styling needs.

Curtain ideas for a child's bedroom

For curtains in a child's bedroom, there's an exciting range of patterned and pictured fabrics, including fun seaside views and even wondrous monsters designed by the winners of our latest Kids Design Challenge!

Curtain heads

Plus, by choosing a handmade curtain you don't have to compromise on the type of headboards you would like in your room, you can find the perfect option for your style! You can find out more about our range of curtain headers in our Curtain Buying Guide.

Brilliant colors for the bedroom

It is well known that different colors can have a range of positive effects on our mental wellbeing. From energizing yellows that help you feel active, to the power of white to clear the mind, colors can help you enhance the spiritual function of a room - especially a bedroom.

Shades of green

Alternatively, natural shades of green are also great choices for bedrooms. Helping us feel at peace with nature, green – including relaxed tones like sage, leaf, and eucalyptus green – will enhance the positive energies you need to make the most of your bedroom.

To support blue and green rooms, use warm neutrals like cream and oatmeal as a warmer alternative to white.

Maximize your bedroom curtains

While curtains provide you with color, pattern and a touch of magic, the look of your curtain isn't the only benefit it will provide - there are even more! When you choose a handmade curtain from Blinds Direct, you can add a free lining upgrade to maximize the curtains in your room. Since bedrooms are where we sleep, let's start with blackout liners.

Blackout linings

By adding a blackout lining upgrade to your curtains you can enjoy a range of benefits including noise reduction, higher levels of privacy and of course improved sleep. One of the biggest disruptors to sleep quality is high levels of external light entering the bedroom. By reducing this light to a minimum, especially if you live in a city with high levels of light pollution, your body can relax and repair itself ready for the day ahead.

Thermal linings

One of the other main factors in poor sleep quality is temperature. Extremes of cold and heat can reduce sleep efficiency, however, you can add a thermal liner to a custom curtain.

Made from different layers of material to improve thermal resistance, thermal bedroom curtains help keep a room warm in a similar way to a winter coat - by creating a dead air space between you and the cold. As a result, rooms retain their heat, keeping you comfortable. Additionally, the same thermal liners will help you stay cool in summer where the curtain blocks hot air that makes the room sticky and uncomfortable.

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