Modern trends in curtains

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Understanding Current Curtain Trends

Current curtain trends are taking bold and innovative directions. They are dominated by geometric, tribal and floral patterns that capture attention while providing a visually calming aesthetic. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton or silk are making a comeback for their breathable qualities and soft feel

Furthermore, thermal insulated curtains are gaining ground for their ability to regulate indoor temperature throughout the year. They not only provide significant energy savings but also add an attractive visual appearance to spaces. Modern choices in curtains reflect an eco-friendly and conscious approach to overall design: they combine functionality with refined aesthetics to create a comfortable and stylish environment.

Choosing the Right Type of Modern Curtain

Modern Upholstery Styles

In the contemporary world of interior design, we see an endless variety of upholstery styles . Natural linen curtains, for example, have a rustic charm while still being elegant and minimalist. For lovers of a more daring style, geometric or floral patterns are in fashion.

Blackout Curtains vs Thermal Curtain

The choice between a blackout curtain and a thermal curtain is essential to create the desired atmosphere in a room. Blackout curtains block light to ensure total darkness - ideal for bedrooms. On the other hand, the thermal curtain insulates against the cold and retains heat - perfect for rooms with large bay windows.

Popular Colors and Patterns for 2022

When it comes to trends for 2022, curtain colors and patterns stand out for their originality. The charm lies in the audacity of mixing styles according to the desired atmospheres.

  • Khaki green enhances the natural tone and brings a touch of exoticism.
  • Poppy red , intense and vibrant, is ideal for energizing a monotonous space.
  • The two-tone geometric patterns give a modern and structured look to your interior.
  • Floral prints on a light background suggest a spring mood all year round.

The perfect color selection inherently depends on the overall style of your home . When you choose your curtains or sheers, we advise you to give preference to shades that complement your furniture and other decorations in order to unify the space.

Installation and maintenance of modern curtains

Installing curtains: an accessible art

Installing your modern curtains is a task that requires less technical expertise than you might think. To get started, make sure you choose the right curtain rod. Its length must be greater than that of your window to allow easy opening and closing of the curtains. The location of the rod is also crucial: it should be fixed above the window frame, but not too high so as not to distort the overall aesthetic.

The attachment of the rings or hooks to the curtain panels varies depending on the model chosen. Just make sure they are well distributed and securely attached to ensure a balanced suspension.

Curtain maintenance: some tips

Maintaining the shine and cleanliness of your curtains is no easy task, especially if they are made from a delicate or luxurious fabric. Regular, gentle cleaning will prolong their durability while preserving their beauty.

Vacuum cleaners with a brush attachment are particularly effective at removing dust without damaging the fabric. Mild stain removers can treat localized dirt while anti-mite sprays prevent allergens and bacteria.

For more thorough washing, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as each material has its specificities. Usually we recommend hand or machine wash at low temperature to avoid shrinkage or fading.

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