Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Curtains

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Curtain installation is often overlooked or underestimated. Improperly installed curtains can detract from the overall appeal of a space, and even the most luxurious draperies can lose their charm if not hung properly.

To ensure your curtains have the desired impact, here are some common mistakes to avoid during installation.

1. Take your measurements incorrectly:

One of the biggest mistakes when installing curtains is incorrect measurements.

Failure to measure the width and height accurately can result in curtains that are too short, too long, or not wide enough to effectively cover the window. Always use a tape measure and double-check your measurements before purchasing curtains. Take measurements not only of the window frame, but also consider factors such as how high above the frame you want the curtains to hang and how far beyond the frame you want them to extend can help avoid this pitfall.

2. Skip Curtain Hardware:

Choosing the right curtain material is as crucial as choosing the curtains themselves. The weight of the fabric, the length of the curtains and the type of pleating you want all influence the material you need. Improper hardware can lead to sagging, unevenly hanging curtains, or even wall damage. Be sure to invest in sturdy brackets, rods and rings that can support the weight of your chosen curtains.

3. Neglecting the choice of fabric:

Different fabrics drape differently, and the fabric you choose will impact how your curtains hang. While some fabrics work well with pleats, others may look better in a flowing style. Avoid choosing fabrics that are too heavy for the material you have selected, as this can cause difficulty opening and closing the curtains. Conversely, lightweight fabrics may not hold their shape well. Consider the aesthetics, functionality and care requirements of the fabric before making a decision.

4. Incorrect suspension height:

Hanging curtains too close to the window frame is a common mistake. This can make the window appear smaller and the ceiling lower. To create an illusion of height and space, mount curtain rods closer to the ceiling, allowing the curtains to fall gracefully. Hanging curtains too low can also obstruct natural light and the view outside. Ideally, curtains should just kiss the floor or hover an inch above it, ensuring a clean, polished look.

5. Skip ironing:

Curtains often arrive with packaging creases . Hanging wrinkled curtains are not only unattractive but also affect their overall appearance. Always iron or steam your curtains before hanging them. This step may seem minor, but it can significantly improve the elegance and visual appeal of your window treatment.

6. Wrong Choosing Length:

Choosing the appropriate curtain length is crucial to achieving a well-balanced look. Curtains that are too short can make a room feel incomplete, while those that are too long can create a messy appearance. Curtains that lightly touch the floor are considered aesthetic. Just make sure they don't drag excessively, as this can lead to wear and tear.

7. Ignoring window type:

Different windows require different styles of curtains. For example, bay windows may require custom rails or rods to accommodate unique angles. French doors could benefit from curtain panels that can be tied back to allow easy passage. Tailoring your curtain installation to your specific window type ensures a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics.

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