How to hang your curtains?

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How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains require a little precision and patience to look their best. Before pulling the cords from your curtain header, double check the size of your window to ensure your gathered curtains will cover the full width (pencil pleat curtains should be half the original width once the cords are gathered the fabric).

Now it's time to attach the cords to one end of your header. Once secured, take the cords at the unsecured end and pull them gently and evenly to create a gathered effect. Tie the cords once you are satisfied. You can now attach your hooks to equal points on the header strip.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains are the quickest and easiest curtains to hang. Simply hang your curtains over the rod. Your curtains should naturally fall into folds once they are hung, but to amplify the effect and help your curtains 'remember' their fold, gather each piece of curtain fabric into tight, neat folds and secure with strips of fabric or string. Leave for 24 hours or speed up the process with a steamer.

How to Hang Top Hook Curtains

Like grommet curtains, top hook curtains offer hassle-free installation. Simply pass the curtain rod through the loops of your curtains, keeping the last hook on the outer side of your bracket to prevent the curtain from closing too far across the window.

How to hang rod pocket curtains

Rod pocket curtains are very easy to install. Simply insert the rod through the openings at the top of the curtain. Adjust the curtains so they fall in even folds. To help hold the pleats together, you can gather the fabric into tight pleats and secure them with strips of fabric or twine. Leave them like this for 24 hours or use a steamer to speed up the process.

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