How to hang curtains in an original way

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Are you tired of classic curtains and looking to add a little pep to your interior design? Here are some tips for hanging your curtains in an original way!

Use designer curtain rods

For a touch of modernity, opt for designer curtain rods! They come in all shapes and styles: metal, wooden, plastic rods, in the shape of a flower stem, leaf, butterfly, etc. Choose the one that fits best with your interior decoration and that will bring a touch of originality to your windows.

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Innovate with Living Room and Double Rod Curtains

A popular trend in modern living rooms is the use of double rods for a combination of sheer and thicker curtains. This method not only adds design dimension to your windows, but also offers exceptional functional flexibility.

Living room curtains with double rod allow you to alternate between privacy and brightness with ease, while adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Add original fixing accessories

For even more creativity, don't hesitate to add original fixing accessories to your curtains. For example, you can use wooden or metal clothespins to hold your curtains in place, or even hairpins in the shape of flowers or butterflies. You can also opt for designer curtain tiebacks

Play with materials and colors

Finally, for an even more original effect, don't hesitate to play with the materials and colors of your curtains. For example, you can opt for velvet or linen curtains, which will add a touch of texture to your decoration. You can also use curtains in bright and original colors, which will bring cheerfulness and vitality to your interior.

Some ideas for original fixing accessories:

  • Designer tiebacks
  • Hairpins in the shape of flowers or butterflies
  • Hooks in the shape of tree branches or leaves
  • Satin or velvet ribbons
  • Fabric bows

Do not forget :

It is important to take into account the dimensions of your window and choose suitable curtains and fixing accessories. Also check that your curtains are properly installed and securely attached to prevent them from falling or coming loose.

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