How do Thermal Curtain Liners work?

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The underside of thermally lined curtains: a necessity for your interior

It is established that nearly 35% of the heat in our interiors is dissipated through walls, windows and doors. Beyond the loss of energy, this also represents a significant economic expense. So, how to overcome this problem?

As winter approaches, many people are looking to make their living or working space cozier. To improve the thermal efficiency of our windows, the first idea that comes to mind is often to replace them. This is an expensive, time-consuming and impractical solution in the middle of the cold season. Fortunately, there is a quick and affordable alternative to keep your home warm: thermal lined curtains.

What are the advantages of thermally lined curtains?

A small layer sewn to the back of any curtain to make it thermally insulating, these curtains act as an insulating barrier, like a winter coat. They keep the heat in while letting the cold out, making your home more comfortable.

But that's not all. Thermal lined curtains are just as effective in summer , repelling external heat thanks to its lining which reflects the sun's rays. Furthermore, thanks to their denser composition, these curtains also help isolate external noise. They are therefore a winning solution from all points of view.

Thermal lined curtains: a multitude of choices

With so many benefits, you might think that the choice of models is limited. Think again ! All of our stunning curtains are handmade in our modern workshop, giving you the flexibility to choose any design with a thermal lining. Additionally, thermal lining is currently a low-cost option across our entire curtain range. Whether you prefer an elegant Scandinavian style in monochrome for your interior, or an energetic bohemian vibe with tiger patterns on your curtains, we have the perfect solution to keep you warm this winter.

Thermal lined curtains: a real insulation solution

Choose high-quality, custom-made thermal lined curtains to combine style, functionality and durability. Our selection offers a wide choice of colors and patterns, all made to the highest standards and with the finest components. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team: we are always here to help you.

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