Green in your Decoration

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Why green is ideal for bedrooms

Green is a color full of vitality and potential. When used well, it promotes relaxation, relaxation and calming - essential elements for a bedroom. Green can be incorporated in many different ways, whether through curtains, natural plants, or even the color of your walls. For an even more pleasant bedroom, why not opt ​​for green curtains or roman blinds with a free blackout lining for better sleep quality?

Green can be used as a main or secondary color in a bedroom, it all depends on the shades you choose. Let's see how to best use green in your bedroom.

Green as the dominant color

Green is often used as an accent color in many interiors, but it can just as easily be the main color with equally beautiful results.

Ideas for a light green bedroom

For a predominantly green space, we suggest using soft shades of green like sage or eucalyptus. From there, you can add other colors ranging from pure white to even dark green! If you have light green walls, you might consider similar shades for your lampshades, cushions or throws. Then, for windows, why not add a contrasting color like white, cream or even dark red?

Dark green bedrooms

You can also opt for dark green curtains or Roman shades to stay with the green theme while playing with the depth and sophistication of the space. By choosing multiple shades, you can enhance the power of green in your bedroom while preventing it from appearing too flat and monotonous.

Green as an accent color

While green is a great choice as a primary color for your bedroom decor, you can also use it as a secondary color! Many modern interiors make fantastic use of neutral shades of off-white, cream, eggshell and vanilla and luckily green is one of the best accent shades.

When using green as a secondary color, you can stick to soft or dark shades, but you can also draw inspiration from vibrant and juicy tones. Lime green throw pillows, pear lampshades, and neon greens found in patterned blinds or curtains can energize the energy of any bedroom, helping you enjoy the calming power of green as part of a dynamic color palette!

Which curtain to choose with green?

The choice of curtain largely depends on the shade of green you have chosen for your room. If you've opted for a light green, cream, off-white or even dark red curtains can provide an attractive contrast. For a bedroom with darker green tones, consider using dark green curtains or roman shades to keep the green theme while playing with the depth and sophistication of the space. For a more contemporary touch, “rod pocket” or “top hook” curtains in shades of green can add a modern touch while retaining the calming effect of green. Make sure to choose a fabric that complements the rest of your decor for a harmonious look.

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