Do Blackout Curtains keep heat in?

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Blackout Curtains combine both style and utility

Three main functions:

  • Block the light
  • Block noise
  • Reduce energy costs

Block the light

Some brands of blackout curtains claim to block up to 99% of light. People working night shifts may suffer health problems due to their unusual sleeping habits. Blackout curtains can set the mood for the night and help reduce these health problems. Curtains can be beneficial for those who live in northern cities where the sun may be present for twenty or more hours a day. Blackout curtains can also be used to create complete darkness for your home theater system.

Block noise

Eclipse Curtains claims that their curtains can block 40% of noise. This factor can also be helpful if you work during the day.

Save energy

Blackout curtains can trap heat in winter and prevent light and heat from entering in summer. 10-25% of lost thermal energy escapes through windows. Blackout curtains can reduce this loss by 25%, reducing your gas and electricity bills and greenhouse gases.

Cost and availability

High-quality blackout curtains can be expensive, in the $100 and up range. However, you can find blackout curtains for less than twenty dollars. You can buy blackout curtains at almost any department store. For example, Walmart sells the Eclipse brand mentioned earlier.

    How to Hang Blackout Curtains

    Most blackout curtains are hung like regular curtains. The fabric at the top should be properly located to block light. Make sure the rod gives enough room for the curtain to cover the sides of the window without leaving any gaps.

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