DIY curtains: How to make your own curtains at home?

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DIY curtains: How to make your own curtains at home?

Creating your own curtains can be a rewarding way to express your personal style while adding a unique touch to your home decor. Not only is the process creative, but it can also be economical. This article will guide you through the basic steps to making your own curtains at home.


The first step in making curtains is to gather all the necessary materials. You will need:

  • Fabric: The choice of fabric will depend on the look and function you want from your curtains. Think about thickness, color and pattern.
  • Thread: Choose a thread in a color that matches your fabric.
  • Sewing machine: If you don't have one, you can also sew by hand, although it will take more time.
  • Gathering tape: This is what will allow your curtains to hang on the rod.
  • Tape measure, scissors and pins: These tools will help you measure, cut and secure your fabric.


Before cutting your fabric, you need to measure your window to determine the size of your curtains. Don't forget to add extra for hems and gathers. A general rule of thumb is to add 2.5 times the width of your window for gathers and about 6 inches at the top and bottom for hems.

Fabric cutting and preparation

Once you have your measurements, use scissors to cut the fabric accordingly. Make sure your cuts are straight and clean. You can use pins to secure the fabric and make cutting easier.

Creating hems

Start by sewing the bottom hem. Fold about 3 inches of fabric toward the back of the curtain and pin in place. Sew along the hem, taking care to keep your seams straight. Repeat this step for the top hem.

Adding the gather ribbon


Sew the gathering tape to the top hem of the curtain, making sure to leave both ends of the cord free. This is what will allow you to gather your curtains and hang them on the rod.


Once you have sewn the gathering tape, you can pull the cords to create the gathers. Tie the cords together at each end to hold the gathers in place. Your curtains are now ready to hang!

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